German for exams

GCSE German or A-level German is a wise choice since it undeniably gives you or your child great career opportunities. That is to say, many companies cannot fill their vacancies for German-speaking employees and unquestionably a second language at graduate level opens many doors. As a result, this lets you stand out from the crowd!

GCSE German Specialist

As an experienced GCSE German teacher, I have in-depth knowledge of all major exam boards and know exactly what these require for different grades. Consequently, whether your child is aiming to pass the ever-so-important Grade 4 or wants to excel in GCSE German at Grades 7-9, after working with me your child will know what is required. Together we will learn specifically about German grammar, so your child will have a solid basis. In addition to that, we will look at the sounds of German to improve confidence levels in speaking. Equally important is GCSE German-relevant vocabulary which will be taught via Quizlet. To explain, this is a tool I subscribe to which is FREE for my clients. To list, we will practise all four disciplines required for the GCSE German exam:

Above all, the aim is to get the best possible exam result for your child while getting an inside into the language and enjoying it! Furthermore, with knowledge of question styles and sample answers and great experience in German GCSE tuition, I am able to prepare your child for the exam style required. Of course, we will also go through practice papers, so your child will be confident in answering them.

Hi Frau Wardle – I just received my German results and I got a 9 in German. Thank you so much for all your help – I really think without your help this would have been way more difficult to get.

Frau Wardle’s lessons are always really focused and engaging! She helped me learn German by finding resources based on my interests which really helped the informative and entertaining aspects of lessons. I especially struggled with grammatical cases and when to use which case, but Frau Wardle’s tuition helped me understand how and when they are used – in a fun way, of course!

Neal, GCSE Online Student

12-week GCSE German GCSE Tuition – Revision Course from March 2023

From March I will be running 2 revision courses – one acceleration class and one improvers’ class with a maximum of 4 students per class. These classes will be taught online and will be a mixture of class teaching, set homework tasks, past papers, and 1:1 sessions. Lastly, classes will start during the week of the 6th of March and will end the week of the 22nd of May.

GCSE German Dates for 2023

16th May 2023 Listening and Reading Exams

17th April – 19th May Speaking Exam Window

26th May 2023 Writing Exam

Please get in touch, if you would like to find out more.

Susanne is fabulous. She has helped my child immensely by tailoring her teaching to the learning style of my daughter. In addition, she has helped give her confidence that she can do it. The improvement in my daughter’s grades since being with Susanne is testament to her teaching.

Lesley, mother of GCSE German student

Since Susanne has started tutoring me in German about a year ago. My confidence and ability to speak German has massively increased and she has also helped me to improve my grades in school. She is so patient and willing to answer any questions I have. Susanne always finds interesting and engaging methods to help me understand areas with which I struggle. Being a native German tutor, she is also able to give me unique insight to the language and culture. I cannot thank her enough for her continued support and encouragement.