German class

German classes – the group experience

Would you like to learn German in the company of others? Learning the language with others is great fun and in addition to learning from the teacher, you learn from each other. We deliberately keep German classes to a maximum of 8 participants per class, so the tuition is still quite personal and you get the chance to get to know each other.

After 18 months of teaching online, we will start to teach German Classes in Whitley Bay @ Canny Clever IT Services in October. However, online teaching is still available via ZOOM. Have you never done ZOOM before? Not to worry – get in touch and we will talk you through the set up! It is straight forward! 

Beginners German (10 weeks)- Start: 10th February 2022, 6.50 pm

German classes for Beginners

This course is for beginners. It will start with an introduction to Germany, the country, its culture and language. We will cover greetings, introductions, talking about yourself, numbers, present tense, basic sentence structure and the sounds of German (phonics) etc. No prior knowledge necessary! Have you never done German before? This is a fun and interactive introduction to the language, the country and its culture!

I didn’t study German when I was younger at school and was a bit daunted about learning as an adult. From the outset Susanne put me at ease, and I am surprised how quickly I have picked up new words and phrases. I am really pleased with the progress I have made so far.


Course book: Willkommen! German 1  by Paul Coggle & Heiner Schenke, £13.99. Additional course material will be provided: interactive games, crosswords, quizzes, websites and videos etc.

Pricing: £12 per lesson (60 min) or £100 for all 10 weeks

Please get in touch, so we can chat informally, and answer any questions you might have!


German Refreshers/Intermediate (10 weeks) - Start: date / time tbc

German Refresher’s Class/Intermediate Class

Learn German

Have you done German classes before, maybe in school but a long time ago? Do you know how to introduce yourself, and greet people, speak about yourself, your family and your job? Do remember the time, how to make appointments, how to go shopping and generally know how to use the present tense? Do you think that you can read basic German texts? Are you interested in German culture, history and politics? Then this Refreshers/Intermediate Class might be the course for you! We will briefly revise some of the topics above and then start with the past tense a variety of new topics.

Possible Course book: Willkommen! German 1  by Paul Coggle & Heiner Schenke, £13.99. Additional course material will be provided: interactive games, crosswords, quizzes, websites and videos etc. The use of a course book will depend on the German level of the participants.

Pricing: £12 per lesson (60 min) or £100 for all 10 weeks

Susanne is an excellent teacher, who has helped me develop my knowledge of the German language.

She explains things concisely and in a simple way, so not only do you learn the language, you gain an understanding of the German language structure and why sentences are formed the way they are etc.

I would definitely recommend Susanne to anyone considering learning German from beginners to advanced. (Phillip, Refreshers German Class 2021)

Please get in touch for an informal chat about your German so far in order to place you on the correct course!


German Literature (Short Stories) - 14 week course at advanced level (GCSE/A-Level)

German literature class

Your knowledge of German is good and you would like to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of German speaking authors: Kafka, Dürrenmatt, Böll, Borchert, Kästner, Hesse – just to name a few! We will look at 14 well-known German speaking authors, their background and their time. These are wonderful thought provoking short stories, each with tasks to discuss.

Good methods are based on interesting stories where you get so interested in the story, you forget it’s in another language.

Dr. Stephen Krashen, Linguist, University of Southern California

The course book: Kurzgeschichten, Einstieg in die Literatur durch die Kurzgeschichte has to be bought (8 Euro – with postage about £11), all other course materials will be provided!

Pricing: £12 per lesson (60 min) or £140 for all 14 weeks

The “Kurzgeschichten” are an interesting and fun way to explore the history behind some of the most acclaimed and important authors of the German speaking countries. 

I have learnt lots including how the war influenced some author’s style of writing. Reading through the stories was also a great opportunity to practise my reading comprehension skills as well as work on my pronunciation when discussing the stories. All of this has made me more confident when speaking German.


Please get in touch if you would like to know more!

German Conversation Class

German Conversation Class 

Are you looking to improve your spoken German? This class is aimed at learners who want to converse in German. Topics are either chosen by the group or provided! It is good fun and has a very relaxed atmosphere, usually with “Kaffee und Kuchen”. These German classes are FREE for anybody who has enrolled on one of our other classes or private lessons but you could also join otherwise – please get in touch! 

Please get in touch, if you would like to know more!

German coffee and cake

Kuchen und Kaffee


Susanne is an excellent classroom practitioner in all aspects of her role. She is enthusiastic, sociable and very approachable and very well liked by her students. Her classes have benefit from her endless enthusiasm and lively delivery and she uses her extensive ICT skills well in an engaging way.

Jennie King, Former Head of Languages, Newcastle High School for Girls