German online lessons

Would you like to learn German in the comfort of your own home at a time of your choosing? Are you travelling a lot trying to fit German lessons into your busy schedule? Then German online lessons might be the answer for you. Lessons will be taught via Skype, Zoom or Teams with Interactive White Boards, PowerPoints, Audio and Video – the same as in a classroom! Currently all of my lessons are being taught online, so I have plenty of experience with learners from 8 to 80!

Individual German online lessons

Online 1:1 lessons are an effective way of learning a language. After an initial meeting, lessons are tailored to your individual needs and your language goal. Private online lessons enable you to make faster progress in a language, so if you only have a certain time frame in mind, this is your best option.

Individual online lessons also mean that I can tailor my lessons towards your individual learning style. My varied teaching background enables me to re-design learning material to fit with the required learning style, so that lessons will be enjoyable and productive.

Have you never had an online lesson? Worried about the technology involved? Please get in touch, so I can talk you through the straight forward set up and you can give it a try. It is much easier than you think and my clients really enjoy it! You can try 1:1 sessions with the teacher or be part of an online class.

Lessons are planned to fit in with my busy schedule, with resources and material sent in advance. Susanne provides links to each lesson online, so it’s easy to log in and learn no matter where you are working.

Tim – Online Learner
Prices German

All key stages / GCSE / A-level: £40 / 60 min

Beginner / Intermediate Adult £40 / 60 min

Advanced Adult / Postgraduate / Goethe or TELC Exams £45 / 60 min

Individual Business £50 / 60 min

Lessons can be flexible to fit in with your schedule. Saturday and weekend lessons are available.

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