German GCSE Revision Classes for Year 11

These online classes for GCSE German revision, delivered weekly, focus on improving students’ understanding and application of German grammar. The classes are designed for small groups of up to 4 students, with learning goals and lesson planning informed by an initial consultation with each group member and the requirements of the exam board (AQA and IGCSE). Each six-week course concentrates on a different key skill of the German GCSE, using exam-style materials.

  • Course 1: Intensive Grammar Revision for mastery of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Course 2: Writing – focuses on writing accurate complex German sentences and texts, and practising translations.
  • Course 3: Speaking – aims at excellent pronunciation with intensive phonics and vocabulary learning, and practice of exam tasks for increased confidence in speaking.
  • Course 4: Listening / Reading – improving understanding of spoken and written German in various contexts, practising exam papers, and vocabulary learning.

Support includes lesson plans and resources sent before each lesson, weekly homework tasks with feedback, and parental feedback after each six-week course. Additional resources include access to Quizlet for vocabulary learning and a WhatsApp support group. Each six-week course costs £180, with an initial payment of £30 and a further £150 for the remaining 5 lessons.

Start Dates:

  • Grammar course: 21st of October 2023
  • Writing course: 2nd of December 2023
  • Speaking course: 3rd of February 2024
  • Listening/Reading: 16th of March 2024